Award winning Galaxy BBQ Sauces!

1st Place Winner - 2012 American Royal BBQ Sauce Contest

1st Place Winner - 2013 Scovie Awards

Galaxy BBQ Sauce is now available to order online at

Galaxy BBQ Sauce is not just another BBQ sauce.  Most sauces are either too sweet or too hot.  Galaxy blends the perfect balance of bold, tangy and slightly spicy with a touch of sweetness. 

This sauce is extremely versatile and compliments almost any food!  Slather on ribs for an out of this world experience.   Baked beans become the star of the meal when you start with Galaxy BBQ Sauce.  Generously baste grilled meat for a heavenly treat on the dinner table.  Reach for the stars and add some zing to burgers by blending in Galaxy BBQ Sauce. Use as a Big Dipper sauce for French Fries.   Toss the ketchup bottle into outer space and replace with Galaxy BBQ Sauce.  Launch your taste buds into orbit when you add this sauce to your favorite meat loaf recipe.

Galaxy BBQ Sauce has already proven to be irresistible among a loyal following of barbecue fans that keep coming back for more. 

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